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What happens when you combine the world’s most sought-after data + the most cost-effective multichannel marketing?

Target Prospects Who Are Actively In-Market and Have Real-Time Intent

Engage Audiences Through Online Ads, Direct Mail and Email Campaigns

Track, Identify and Enrich Data of Prospects Automatically

Working with over 2000 clients and generating millions of leads, Dovetail Mktg has been at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of advertising.

In recent years we noticed that there were three major problems arising in the online marketing space.


Problem #1

Basic online targeting is severely limited & diluted causing 70% of ad-spend to be wasted.

Problem #2

Consumer reach, engagement & conversions are too expensive and advertisers have almost no control.

Problem #3

There’s no comprehensive, automated multi-channel marketing strategy…until now.

How did we solve these problems?


First, we brought in a direct mail expert with over 20 years of experience in direct mail strategies and integrated a direct-mail platform into our service offerings allowing clients to track the results of their direct mail campaigns.

Then we acquired several data tools that allow us to access customer profiles, a technology that was previously only affordable for Fortune 500 companies. We call this Audience Sauce, our new data tech stack that allows our clients to target their ideal audience like never before.

With this new trifecta of Digital Ads, Direct Mail and Audience Sauce, Dovetail Mktg is now offering this strategy to other small businesses outside of the mortgage and real estate industry.

Contact us today to see if our strategy can help your business grow.

Direct Mail

The original DM

Don’t believe the hype, Direct Mail is NOT dead and in fact, it’s better than ever.
With the newest technology available, direct mail is still king when it comes to connection. Even Google uses Direct Mail!

Our Digital Fingerprinting
Is Different & Better

Audience Sauce uses a hybrid tracking approach that combines tracked devices, a proprietary IP grading system and cookie sync (which receives over 100 Billion buying signals per day).
Audience Sauce‘s Digital Fingerprint ID Is Future-proof because it creates a permanent link between these profile matching technologies whereas other tracking methods degrade quickly over several days.