On Average $7 is Wasted For Every $10 Spent On Paid Ads

The personal ID match rate on most ad platforms is 15-25%
due to ad blockers, iOS users or other privacy regulations.
Due to these problems, advertisers using standard tracking
are experiencing the highest cost & weakest performance
ever with their campaigns.

Audience Sauce’s Digital Fingerprint ID Technology Matches Up 60% of Web Traffic To A Live Profile.

Our Digital Fingerprinting
Is Different & Better

Audience Sauce uses a hybrid tracking approach that combines tracked devices ,aproprietary IP grading system and cookie sync (which receives over 100 Billion buying signals per day).
Audience Sauce‘s Digital Fingerprint ID Is Future-proof because it creates a permanent link between these profile matching technologies whereas other tracking methods degrade quickly over several days.

Retargeting The Old Way Is No Longer Effective.

Retargeting used to be the most cost effective online advertising method

We used to…

Drive as much traffic to a website as possible using lower-cost objectives…Then retargeting them using the on-platform tracking to produced warm audiences ready to buy.
With diminished tracking, it now costs way too much to reach a small portion of your warm audience when using standard tracking only!

Audience Sauce offers

AudienceSauce offers comprehensive options to push & pull data to a multitude of ad platforms, CRMS and more… And can provide an end-to-end multi-channel marketing solution & consultation for your unique needs.

Standard Interest Targeting On Ad Platforms Don’t Work

Ad targeting across Facebook, Google, Tiktok and Other Platforms is either non-existent or based on generic actions that do not indicate
buying signals at all.
Online platforms having been stripping more of their audience data away each year to comply with increasing regulations that donot affect our data & audience building capabilites.

Standard Audiences Are Diluted Driving Up Your Costs & Producing Unqualified Leads

Ad platforms make profit when you advertise.
To keep you ‘coming back for more’ they include too broad & unqualified audiences that to trick you into thinking the ads are working but produce far too many unqulaified leads & too high of a cost per acquisition.

Audience Sauce gives you access to over 30 billion ‘real-time’ buying signals attached to active device and profiles.
This can be used to target anyone
for any vertical on any platform.

We build your ideal audience using a combination of rich data points to find your perfect customer

  • Keywords
  • Personal Info
  • Family Demographics
  • Financial Demographics
  • Household Demographics
  • Auto Information
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender

“Every 24 hours 30 billion real-time buying signals (entities, keywords and categories) are linked to a live consumer profile.”

OurB2B2C Matching Process Finds Both Individuals Consumers and the Company
Data Attached to each keyword/Search

CTR Is Better Than Platform-Based Lookalike Audiences

Facebook lookalike audiences used to be great…

Helping expand an advertiser’s reach to equally qualified prospects to produce more results consistenly.

But due to limited tracking stripped-down interests on Facebook…

It’s harder than ever to produce results with lookalike audiences. Many advertisers no longer use them


CTR= Click Through Rate

Early results indicate that most advertisers will seea1.5-2X better CTR(or clicks) for the samead spend using Audience Sauce data compared to on-platform lookalike audiences

Advertisers Have Limited Control

Audience Sauce changes the marketing flow of how a business can reach their customer…

*Advertiser is forced to use the inventory of the selected ad platform to try find their customer, then must activate in the ad platform ecosystem only

*Advertiser can target their ideal customer THEN activate them on the ad platform they choose, through direct-mail and CRM automations for a more thorough, cost-effective multi-channel approach or even just better results on your favorite platform.

Higher Match Rate across all platforms

Average match rate on ad platforms of 80-90% – including 5x higher average match rates on Tiktok.

80% Match Rate on Taboola & programmatic platforms

What once was old, is new again:

Direct-Mail Reinvented

Hyper-personalized direct mail using multiple consumer variables
End-to-end tracking & metrices (know when a specific consumer engages with your mail)

Performance dashboard included


Integrated with CRMS and many platforms

What once was old, is new again: Direct-Mail Reinvented Unleash the power of the highest ROI producing marketing strategy for today even if you don’t have mailing addresses for your target audience.

What once was old, is new again:

Direct-Mail Reinvented

What once was old, is new again:

Direct-Mail Reinvented

Al-A-Carte Multi-Channel Market & Data


  • Real-Time In-Market Data Audiences… So you have the hottest audience data for your online ads and other marketing campaigns
  • Digital Fingerprint ID technology… So you can make more of the website traffic you’re already paying for
  • Advanced Direct-Mail… So you can leverage highly engaging, fully trackable, cost effective marketing offline
  • Database Profile Enrichment… So you can advertise toyour database online and offline (even if you don‘t have their mailing address)

How To Use Our Multi-Channel Possibilities

In Combination Or Stand alone

Multi-Channel Possibilities

Real-Time In-Market Data

Multi-Channel Possibilities

Digital Finger print ID Resolution

Multi-Channel Possibilities

Inteligent Direct Mail