Digital Ads

Discover the power of precision with our digital ads. At Dovetail MKTG, we leverage data-driven strategies to deliver targeted and impactful campaigns that drive results.

Think just anyone can run ads online? Well, you’re right!
But how well do those ads convert?
It comes down to three important things:


If your ads don’t stop the scroll they aren’t going to get clicks. And a lot of people don’t know how to do this. Our team of award-winning creatives has years of experience designing ads that actually convert.


Our media buyers don’t just click a few buttons and let Facebook do its thing. They are pros at testing outside-the-box strategies that target your ideal clients while keeping your click-rates low.

Follow-Up Systems

Sure, you got the leads, but now what? We help you install a lead follow-up system into your business to make sure that those leads convert to paying customers.

On Average $7 is Wasted For Every $10 Spent On Paid Ads

The personal ID match rate on most ad platforms is 15-25%
due to ad blockers, iOS users or other privacy regulations.
Due to these problems, advertisers using standard tracking
are experiencing the highest cost & weakest performance
ever with their campaigns.